Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Join Me on My "Maiden Voyage"


Having just done a course on blogging, I thought I would have a go.  My website is in the process of being created so it should be up and running soon.  I will let you know.  My blog will be connected to it.
I lead a very busy life as I am a writer, an English teacher and an actress.  I perform one-woman shows and also act with a local group.  I have written biography, local history, and books helping people to improve their English.  One of my books Improve Your Written English is now in its 5th edition and has been reprinted many times.

I also give talks and run workshops to help writers.  Recently I have been lecturing on cruise ships which has been very exciting.  I love travelling and cruising is an ideal way to see the world as you sail along in your floating hotel.

I think I should 'blog off' now (if that's the correct expression) as I am going out for lunch.  I do love being a 'a lady who lunches'.  I try to fit a social life into my busy schedule! The rest of the week is very busy so I may not blog again until next week.

My link to Society of Women Writers and Journalists

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